How To Protect Car Paint: Five Useful Ways To Follow

Thinking of using an HLVP sprayer to protect your car paint? Here is what all you can do to protect your car paint.

New paint on the car is expensive and it also reduces the value of your car. The original paint is always appreciated. Here is what you can do to protect the paint of the car and keep it looking original.

Car cover

To protect the car paint always make use of a car cover. This is especially important if you park your car on the street or if your car stays out in the open for long. Even if you park your car in a garage take care to cover it so that the car paint does not get spoilt because of dust. The dust could also cause scratches on your car paint.


Wash your car at least weekly using car shampoo. Also, wash the car exteriors and the interiors. Make sure to wash the windshields and the window glass area as well. Do not use any detergent that you use for household purposes. These are acidic and these tend to harm the paint of the car.


The car paint has to be dried using the best techniques. The car does not dry on its own and this instead damages the car paint. If the car is not dried well then it will leave spots behind.

Use a clay bar

The clay bar helps to clear off the contaminants that get stuck in the car paint. The clay bar helps to remove the dust particles which are not visible to the eye.

Waxing your car

A good wax is essential to protect the car paint from the external elements like the UV rays and scratches. A coat of wax should be applied to keep the car looking smooth and clean.

10 Clever Car Accessories That You Need in 2019

In 2019, technology is still going to improve in unimaginable ways.  Hence stop thinking about buying normal accessories which everyone is using.  Buy something unique so that you can show-off more:

  1. Blind spot cameras: Every car certainly has some blind spots. When you set cameras showing the view of these, you can avoid minor accidents to major scratches.  These will help in versatile parking of your car like a professional.
  2. Tire sealers: The nightmare of anyone driving a car are those flat tires. Buy tire sealers and keep them handy.  When you sense something wrong with your tires you can self-fix the issue so that you reach a safer place.
  3. Bluetooth key locator: You can sync it with your android mobile and locate your car key easily.
  4. Charger cum FM transmitter: It is a multi-tasking accessory. You can use it as a charger and an FM transmitter as well.  It has good audio quality.  It does not occupy space.  It saves you from the cost of buying speakers.  Use Couponobox and buy these online to save more money.
  5. Seat organizer: How so ever you arrange things in a car, they get clumsy once again.  How cool it would be to get a seat organizer.  You can hand them on the back side of seats.  So, you can save space.  Keeping liquids becomes easy as these come with separate holders for bottles and cups.
  6. Bot cleaner: Get a bot cleaner which can pick dust as minute as pet hair. Sounds futuristic, isn’t it?
  7. IOT starter: Get an IOT starter. You can keep the car warm before stepping into it.
  8. Stolen vehicle tracking system: This software comes built-in. You can also install it for the best safety for your car.
  9. 360-degree vehicle surveillance system: It will save your car from theft and vandalism.
  10. Car alarm security with smartphone integration: This tech-gadget will alarm you whenever there is an attempt for theft or window breakage.

8Super Cool Ways To Customize Your Car

If you want to customize your car then here are some great ideas from to design the car of your dreams.

Colour of the car

You could choose from the variety of car paints. Go for a single color or mix and match colors. There are also many designer car paints that you could choose from. So let your imagination run wild to customize your car in a cool way.

What is your lifestyle?

Make sure that you choose the interiors of your car based on your lifestyle. Make a list of things that you like doing when in the car so that you get to pick up things that not only ups your style statement but also lets you be happy with the purchases.

Floor mats

The floor mats come in a variety of styles. You can even customize the floor mats. So make sure that you get the perfect floor mat and also that which blends well with your car.

Steering wheel cover

Add a steering wheel cover to your car. This is an awesome thing that should be put in your car. There are a variety of choices to choose from and this can also be customized based on your interest and your personality.


Look for items that are quality purchases. Expensive things show and are a clear reflection of your taste and richness. The wheel cover should also be of a quality that offers a good grip.

Install screens

Install screens in your car where every passenger gets to choose what he wants to see. Make sure that you have a headphone provision so that the passengers do not get disturbed by what others are watching.

Mini fridge

A mini fridge in the car is a great idea. This lets you enjoy nice and cool beverages. It is highly practical to have one if you go on long drives.

Seat covers

Customize the seat covers depending on the aesthetics of your car and your own personal taste.

The Best Tips on How to Maintain Your New Car

A new car is always a prized asset!

As an employee at one of the biggest car showrooms in the country, I know how fussy people are in maintaining the new car in the first two or three years. Somehow, after a lapse of such a period, they become lackadaisical either because the novelty wears off or they are already thinking about a newer car!!

But in case you are thinking of carrying on your car for a long run, we recommend that from day one up to even after the novelty and the excitement dies down, you must take good care of your automobile. This way it will not only carry you in the good stead but will also not cost you wads of currencies when you have to distress service it. And what’s more, you will fetch a great price for it in case you are going to sell it at the used car mart!

The article was first published on A lot of information is missing from there because this is a concise version. You may look up on the website to read the detailed article.

  1. Follow maintenance schedule:

Preventive maintenance is the best thing to do. If you do this there will actually be no need for your car to go to the garage. It will give you pointers as to when is the ideal time to change oil or to check the pressure and balance in the tires etc.

A thorough inspection of the car’s interior and exterior is a sine quo non in case you want your new car to look ravishing new until the day you decide to separate it from you!

  1. Changing the air filter regularly:

This is yet another advice I give to every new car owner. Changing the air filter which is placed in the bonnet ensures that your air conditioning works great inside the car and that you do not inhale stale air.

How to Prevent Your Car From Being Broken Into in 5 Easy Steps

Breaking into cars is something that most people face and become victims too. Unfortunately, there is no foolproof way to avoid this but some precautions can be taken to prevent it.

247Spares lets you know how to protect your car from getting broken into. The majority of cars that are broken into are because these do not have some basic precautions installed. Here are some ways in which the vehicle can be protected to increase its safety.

  • Keep the doors and windows closed. This will make it difficult for the thief to break into your car and snatch Make it a habit that you check that the doors and windows of the car are closed before you leave it in the parking.

  • Never ever leave the car engine on. There could be times when you feel lazy and leave the car running when you are just popping into a store close by. This makes it easy for the thief to break into your car and drive it away.

  • Park in the area that is well lit and where there is traffic. The thieves do not target cars, which are parked in public areas because they fear getting caught.

  • If you have any valuables in your car then ensure that you lock it so that one is not able to see them lying in the car. If there is a car with laptops, cells phones and wallets then the thief is more likely to attack the car.

  • Buy an anti-theft system which is a window alarm or a steering wheel lock that will make the thief work hard to get into your car. The probability of them getting caught is high so the thieves will most likely not target your

Installing these devices do cost you money but it is worth spending on them to keep your car safe.

The Best Tips For Repaving Your Driveway

The material, as well as the labor costs, add up when you plan to build a driveway. And the job becomes very frustrating when you start to see the cracks reappear. This is a problem when you use asphalt and the problem gets aggravated in the winter months. The homeowners thus sometimes look to repaving the driveway themselves.

You could DIY the task too using the tips below. Also, see for more tips.

Do you want to repair or repave the driveway?

Even if there is a small crack in the driveway, it could damage the foundation. So if you just fill off the crack then the solution is not permanent. However, it is okay to repair them if you are tight on budget and the cracks happen just on the surface and do not affect the foundation. However, repaving the project is essential if the cracks are deep as this could affect the foundation.

Tips to replace the driveway

For repaving the driveway, you will need to dedicate some weeks’ time and use a lot of materials. This includes loose gravel, bare soil and asphalt materials.

You must then remove the old driveway using a pickaxe or a sled and break the asphalt into pieces. Remove the asphalt with a shovel.

When you repave the driveway, first focus on its foundation and this can be done by analyzing the soil and the gravel. Once you have done the adjustments of the gravel leave it for a week so that the material gets enough time to settle down.

After that mix and then pour the asphalt into the driveway and then spread it using a shovel.

It takes time

Repaving the driveway means that you will have to dedicate a lot of time to it. It also needs lots of work and supplies. You can do it yourself but if you feel the need always take professional help.

Top 5 All Time Best and Luxurious Armored Vehicles

Personal security is a matter of concern for some individuals. Especially those who are working in the government or who are well-known politicians, even those who run criminal enterprises are known to use the high-end armored car.

A good personal security vehicle should have the following features:

  • They have to be durable
  • They should be discreet – flashy vehicles draw a lot of attention to themselves
  • They should be stylish and innovative in terms of features and design

Here are the top 5 armored cars that offer all of the above-listed and so much more.

  1. Volkswagen Phaeton: while VW is not exactly everyone’s top association when it comes to armored cars, the Phaeton is actually a great buy for personal security. VW has a special division for special projects and the Phaeton is manufactured by this division. It has an armor plate exterior and can be customized internally and externally, quite like the Bentley and Rolls Royce.
  2. Quattroporte from Maserati: It has bulletproof chassis, and is identical to the standard model so it scores highly on the discreet factor. In the recent past, the Italian government has purchased many of these cars. The car has all the luxury and pizzazz of the Maserati and is incomparable when it comes armored
  3. RR Phantom Limousine: Over the decades, the Rolls Royce has become something of a myth and legend. The cars are exceptional in their quality and second to none when it comes to getting customized. Very little is none of the features this car offers, except that it is armored. Each vehicle is built to the client’s requirements.
  4. Range Rover: For regular users, a Range Rover is already a class apart in terms of durability. The V9 armored version has a bullet-proof exterior and can operate even if the car has a flat. It is even equipped with grenade protection, so high-end bullets and the odd grenade won’t hurt the occupants of the car.
  5. Audi A8 L Security: B7 plating, makes this the best-armored exterior on the road right now. Every possible life threat has been anticipated and has been catered to. To the point that the windshield can be blown open for an emergency evacuation. All of this has combined to make this the top-ranked security vehicle around.

Top 10 Tips To Choose The Best Limousine Service

Limousines are a symbol of luxury. They’re usually associated with the elite, especially at a big, well-publicized gala like an awards ceremony or a prom or a bachelorette. A limo is also the vehicle of choice at a wedding.

If you are looking to buy a limo, then you have a whole other list of factors to consider. Such as the make, fuel efficiency, and cost just to name a few. However, a hired limo is a lot easier to choose. Here are a few important tips on how to choose a limo service for your personal needs:

  1. Read reviews: In the internet era, it is impossible to be uninformed about something. A limo service, for instance, will have previous customers who will have their own experiences to share about these vehicles. Go to the webpage of the limo service you wish to choose and read the customer reviews. Look for the ones that aren’t perfectly punctuated and perfectly worded.
  2. Fleet available: A limo should be perfect. It is not like choosing a family car. This is a vehicle for a special occasion, so, the kind of fleet a limo service has will play a crucial role in your process. This is also the time to check out how the vehicles are maintained. Checking with your service provider with all this ensures a better experience for everyone.
  3. Price: whether you are buying a limo or hiring one, the price is everything. A limo service could charge a lot of money and have a poorly maintained fleet of cars. If you’ve read reviews, and have done your research, then, fixing a price for your rental, or finding a competitively priced service will not be difficult.
  4. Chauffeur: an integral part of a limo is the driver. So, check with the service provider about the people they hire and how they hire them. You are entitled to a competent and professional service for the money you pay.
  5. Coverage: A company that takes care of its customers will be able to help them out and more importantly compensate them in the case of an unwanted experience. Be insistent about wanting to see what all the insurance covers so that you are prepared in case things go bad.

Easy Ways to Make Your Car Look Cooler

Shockingly not everyone can stand to purchase hot autos out of the blue similarly to how people hesitate sex toys such as Lockthecock. With a little ego, elbow oil, and a couple of dollars in reserve funds, here we’re imparting the best most effortless and moderate approaches to influence your auto to look substantially better.

  1. Get your auto professionally washed fully

The initial step to influencing your auto to look astounding is to ensure it’s flawlessly spotless. The ugliest autos can look awesome after a decent wash, and the most pleasant autos can look awful if it is soaked under a layer of dirt.

  1. Ensure your engine is clean

The vast majority will keep their auto’s outside and inside in demonstrate prepared condition however ordinarily they disregard keeping up the neatness of what’s in the engine. The characteristic of a genuine auto fellow is seen in how neat he holds things in the engine.

  1. Fix the dentures

A dent reduces the appearance of a car and. Shop around at your nearby auto body parts and cost out necessary repairs.

  1. Wax your auto

Not exclusively does waxing provide your auto a pleasant sparkle and assist to evacuate little scratches and whirl marks, it shields your auto’s paint from essential harm, for example, blurring, scratches and rusting.

  1. Get your auto a radical new paintwork.

Getting your auto another paintwork resembles getting your auto a transformation. Most paint spots can blend any shading you need and make any kind of impact you can consider.

  1. A new set of Wheels

A new set of wheels on an auto can simply influence it to emerge and these days with such huge numbers of various alternatives for wheels, there are sufficient moderate sets for everyone’s financial plan.

  1. Auto Accessories

There are huge amounts of extra approaches to include aspects to your motor at unassuming evaluating, for example, adding new accomplices to your auto.…

The Best Ways to Make Your Car Last Longer

For the Car Passionate folks, it can get a little bit too tempting as there are plenty of new cars being introduced. But if you take good care of your existing car then you would be able to easily increase its life and this would also reduce your craving for a new car. After all, when your car starts giving too many problems you might end up feeling more inclined towards buying a new one. Also when you work on making your car last long you also end up increasing its resale value.

Do not skip the maintenance and service routines

Though these are expensive they can help prevent major expenses that might occur due to poor maintenance. A car service would help you identify potential problems right when they are just in their early stage. This would keep the cost of repairs lower than the situation when the problem gets a bit more severe.

Regular oil change

Regularly checking and changing the oils like engine oil, brake oil etc., can increase the life of the internal components a great deal. Oil quality determines the efficiency of the engine and the car on the whole.

Check the filters

Blocked filters might not only increase the fuel consumption but also pose a serious hazard in some cases. Regular cleaning of the air filters can be good for the driver and the car as well.

Get the tires checked

The inflation levels of the tires, as well as the life of the tire, the friction they offer, should all be periodically monitored. This is again for the safety as well as for the long life of the car.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning the interior and exterior of the car on a regular basis can also go a long way in extending the car’s life.…

The Ultimate DIY Campervan Conversion Guide

The pleasures of traveling in a campervan which you have built and designed from scratch are to be experienced and cannot be explained. Converting your van into a campervan can be done on a shoestring budget or you can overboard and make it truly magnificent and luxurious; the choice is yours. But there are some basics that need to be taken care of irrespective of what you choose.

To begin with, remembering that you will be traveling in the van for a few months or at least a few weeks, hence it must be functional and comfortable.

Rip the van of all its interiors and begin fresh. Give it a thorough cleaning. Decide the areas that your van must have before you proceed further. The very basic that any campervan must have is a place to cook, to sleep, keep trash, space for your pet if you have one, storage and workplace. You must design your camper to accommodate all your needs.

Do not waste space because it is a precious commodity in a campervan. Therefore, have a place for everything – right from your shoes, used clothes, toiletries, grocery, beddings etc. basically invest in space saving storage so that you not only carry all your essentials but also don’t clutter the limited space.

Every van requires power for charging gadgets and running appliances besides lighting at night and cooling during summer. Invest in an inverter or opt for solar panels for your powering your van. An external battery pack will be handy.

For lighting choose LED bulbs as they last longer and use less power. You can also opt for solar-powered lanterns. Don’t forget blackout curtains for your windows because they are necessary not only for maintaining privacy but also for keeping the sun out in summer and the cold out in winter.

The other essentials will include camping chairs, kitchen utensils, storage boxes and drawers for all your Knick Knacks. If you find all this too much trouble you can always consider van leasing.

How to Keep Your Car Ready for Emergencies

People who have experienced a broken car in the middle of nowhere can tell spine chilling stories of getting stranded. It doesn’t take much to halt your journey; heavy rainfall, fuel leak, punctured tire or so much even an overheating engine is all it takes. Disaster can strike anywhere, and often. So before setting off for the skiing vacation you have been dreaming of all year, take a day off to make sure you have these things in your car.

  • Spare wheel: If your car has a spare tire, great. If not, contact the local car dealership and get a properly inflated spare tire, with jack and a wheel wrench for quick fixing. Because punctures are the most common cases of halt.
  • Tool kit:For fixing small defects and issues {22 Pieces + Bag} Ratcheting Wrench Set Ratchet Wrenches – Chrome Vanadium Steel With Tool Roll – SAE & Metric Combination Ended Standard Kit – Open End MM & Inch Gear With Large Size Organizer Pouch is a must have for your arsenal.
  • First aid kit: you should have at least one fast aid kit containing antiseptic liquid, band aids, bandages, aspirin, painkillers, fever medications, gauge, hydrocortisone, scissors, gloves and cotton. Feel free to upgrade with anything else you think is necessary.
  • Reflective triangles and vest: In case you must make an emergency stop in the middle of the road, putting reflective triangles at the front at back of your car will ensure oncoming traffic can spot you from miles ahead. Same goes for the vest if you must walk to get help.
  • Food:Store in enough nonperishable and high energy snacks and foods such as nuts, hard candy, dried fruits etc. to last at least a couple of days. Store at least a few gallons of water too if you are making a long trip through uninhabited places.
  • Ice kit: If you belong to countries like Canada, packing an ice kit is a must. Washer fluid, snow brush, shovel, warm clothing etc. should be included.

The Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Leasing

It’s often difficult to determine whether it’s better to own or rent a commercial vehicle. You might feel differently about each option depending on the type of business you run, and what stage you are at with your operation. Here we will take a look at some of the benefits of commercial vehicle leasing compared with buying your vehicles.

Leasing offers many advantages over buying for business owners who are in the early stages of running their new company. If you are not sure whether the business will really take off, it’s better to lease in the beginning rather than committing to buying a vehicle or vehicles. Also, leasing offers room for growth, or if you need to scale down a bit this is easy too.

If you lease your vehicles, you don’t have to worry about many of the extra costs associated with buying, after the initial purchase itself. You don’t need to pay for repairs in some cases, and you will also have some extras included such as insurance and servicing, depending on the package chosen.

Leasing vehicles is a great way to ensure you always have the latest model. Lease contracts run over different periods, but they are usually just a few years maximum, so you will never have a vehicle more than a few years old. This means there’s less chance of things going wrong or major repairs needing carried out. One other great advantage of leasing is the vehicles don’t depreciate in value, meaning you won’t lose thousands as soon as you drive it home. If you have decided to rent your vehicles, you can search your local area for a great deal – those in central Scotland can check out cheap van leasing Glasgow. You can also search online to find local garages and deals near you.…

The Untold Reasons Why You Should Visit Scotland

Scenic spots that take you close to nature and some inspiring historic landmarks are the most attractive destinations in Scotland. But this is not all- the country has so much more to offer.

  • Wander through some of the most stunning caves in the world – though there are several tourist attractions in Scotland there are still parts that have not been explored. These spots that have been left untouched include caves created by the sea in the many islands around the country.
  • This is a country that is known to be a great platform for startups. Why is that a reason to travel here you may ask- if you are looking for inspiration Scotland has a lot to All those tiny little ventures that have grown and expanded have stories to learn from.
  • There are numerous secret gardens and secret castles spread across the country. If you have a lot of time, if you are planning a long vacation, then plan an offbeat trip. Besides all those places bustling with tourists all year long, there are some quiet spots unlike nowhere.

Walk on the trails where dinosaurs once treaded- Isle of Skye houses some rare dinosaur footprints. As if Scotland was already not a favorite spot for the history enthusiasts this one gives just another reason to visit this beautiful country.

I absolutely loved traveling in a motorhome through Scotland. It made it so much simpler to take quick breaks without having to go through the hassle of booking accommodation. Given the steady increase in the number of people who choose motorhomes for their road trips finding them is now simpler than ever before. There are travel agencies that allow you to book campervans online in a few clicks. So what are you waiting for? Plan your next trip to Scotland with a campervan to keep your family comfortable and safe.…

How To Lose Weight Fast And Drop A Dress Size For A Special Event

Have a special event coming up? Going on a trip to Spain with your gang using MOVO MOVO? Want to fit into a dress that’s a size smaller, so that you can look sleeker and fitter? The dress you like is available only in a size smaller? Here are a few tips to help you lose that little extra weight, fast and effectively, in time to wear that dress:

  • Water – Start drinking more water every day. Keep a bottle aside for yourself and measure how much you are drinking and increase it close to double the times at least. This will help you flush out toxins and digest better. Thus leaving you less bloated. Also, when you have a lot of water, you tend to feel less hungry when it is time for a meal. Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger and eat when your body is not ready to digest it.
  • Walk – Walk to everyplace you want to go to. Skip the ride, your car or the taxi when you get home. When you are not running short of time, try your best to walk as much as you can. Walking gives your body the much needed cardio and helps you tone up all over, thus giving you a fitter and sleeker look.
  • Stairs – Take the stairs every time. Do not wait for the elevator. Taking the stairs will help you tone your legs and glutes, making you look much better in a dress.
  • Cycle – When you have to go a distance, opt for a bicycle instead of the train or a cab. Cycling is one of the best and effective exercises to lose weight all over and tone up well.
  • Quick Bites – When you are traveling in a cab, grab something light to eat. It could be an energy bar or a yogurt. This will ensure you don’t go hungry when you reach your destination and will stop you from lunging for any food your eyes spot.

Ride The Rage In You With The Best Navigating Automotive

What is that a rider will enjoy when he has the autoradio carplay GPS in his vehicle? How does he experience an edge over the other vehicles that are void of this? let`s take a detailed look at what a GPS system can offer, like the autoradio gps => 3D and how it can enhance a vehicle and offer the rider a better experience.

  • Complete access – once you and your vehicle are connected to this carplay, you get an access to everything from inside your car itself without stepping your foot outside. It will help to route all your calls, missed calls, voice messages etc on the device without actually using the phone by jumping screens. You will also be allowed to make calls with just a voice message in the form of an instruction and you will get connected to the person you wish to speak with. Another great advantage of installing this on your vehicle is that you get notified with a voice message for every incoming message or notification and your replies would be taken in the form of voice messages.
  • Music on the go – it is not just about the calls but you can also make your ride a rhythmic one by letting the device play your favorite music. With the 2018 : autoradio golf 5 You can either play the existing songs from the stored playlists or also request the carplay to download from different sources.
  • Smooth drives – this carplay also helps with the navigation facilities by letting the rider know his destination, the short route to it, information about the traffic ahead, and also the tentative time of arrival at the destination spot. All these will get displayed on the dashboard screen and hence the rider gets to know everything with clarity making his ride an enjoyable and snuggly one.

All these are available with the Links: autoradio Audi A3 which is considered to be one of the best cars that are in high demand in the market.…

Why Cars Are Important and Why You Should Invest In One in 2018

Cars are important in life for the following reasons:

Comfort:  Cars offer a comfortable mode of travel.  It offers comfort right from your doorstep.  You can select the speed, fragrance, temperature, indoor furnishing etc. according to your comfort and choice.

Wonderful companion: Cars are wonderful companions to travel with loved ones.  Travel for vacation with family on a car will be a happy journey.  When you cross a waterfall or a bunch of green bushes you can just stop and take photos.  You can carry the necessary entertainment stuff and hence kids would love the travel.

Asset and pride: Car is an asset.  It is a pride possession.  A well-maintained car shows your perfect character.  Every stuff inside the car like books on life quotes, good music albums or magazines reflect your taste.

Safe:  Imagine traveling alone during a late night in a hired cab.  You will certainly remember all those incidents where the customers met unpleasant experiences.  Having an own car is very safe even during the late night because it is you who decide who has to accompany and where to stop the car.

Independence:  Depending on public transportation brings a lot of difficulties in daily life.  Put an end to running and catching a train and gasping for breath.  Owning a car you can start to travel whenever you like.  A delay of a few seconds will not be a problem.

Time-saving:  Own car saves time.  You can travel at good speed and there will be no stoppings in between.

Carrying luggage:  Carrying heavy luggage is not a problem since you can dump everything in the boot of your car.  Also transporting the luggage is not difficult.  No need to carry the burden in hand everywhere you go.

Flexible: While using your own car, you can combine visits.  You can stop in between to get necessary items.  This flexibility is not there on public transportation.

The Difference Between Marine Motors and Car Motors

You might know everything about vehicles that zoom on the city roads or in rural areas, yet it is not easy to understand the mechanism of a vehicle that glides on water. There is a difference between the mechanism of the motors of both the marine and terrestrial vehicles.

Though all this may sound complicated and technical, you do not have to worry about reading about the same or understanding the jargon. You can get all the information in one place and then learn what kind of motor will suit your boat by visiting this website,

There are some basic differences between the car motors and the marine motors. The marine motors use less or low-level torque and the motor has to be more powerful as it needs more horsepower to cut through the water. The marine motors have only one gear and the car motors have multiple gears for different speeds. A boat is less used while a car is used almost every day. So their designs are also different. Another factor is the use of the marine engine in a humid environment. So the marine motor has components that can withstand corrosion for a long time, compared to the car motors. The alternator, distributor, and starter of a marine engine are protected with a screen to safeguard the passengers and the boat itself from any accident due to smoke and gas-related accidents.

Car motor is structurally different from the marine motor. Though the marine motors come in very few models and are more expensive, their mechanism is more suited to be used in boats and these are irreplaceable. There are huge luxury boats and many smaller ones. Depending on the lifestyle that you are planning for the future and the amount of money that you want to spend on the floating home of your dreams you can choose one. This will also help you to decide the size of the boat that you would like and the kind of machinery that will help you realize that dream.