How To Protect Car Paint: Five Useful Ways To Follow

Thinking of using an HLVP sprayer to protect your car paint? Here is what all you can do to protect your car paint.

New paint on the car is expensive and it also reduces the value of your car. The original paint is always appreciated. Here is what you can do to protect the paint of the car and keep it looking original.

Car cover

To protect the car paint always make use of a car cover. This is especially important if you park your car on the street or if your car stays out in the open for long. Even if you park your car in a garage take care to cover it so that the car paint does not get spoilt because of dust. The dust could also cause scratches on your car paint.


Wash your car at least weekly using car shampoo. Also, wash the car exteriors and the interiors. Make sure to wash the windshields and the window glass area as well. Do not use any detergent that you use for household purposes. These are acidic and these tend to harm the paint of the car.


The car paint has to be dried using the best techniques. The car does not dry on its own and this instead damages the car paint. If the car is not dried well then it will leave spots behind.

Use a clay bar

The clay bar helps to clear off the contaminants that get stuck in the car paint. The clay bar helps to remove the dust particles which are not visible to the eye.

Waxing your car

A good wax is essential to protect the car paint from the external elements like the UV rays and scratches. A coat of wax should be applied to keep the car looking smooth and clean.