The Ultimate DIY Campervan Conversion Guide

The pleasures of traveling in a campervan which you have built and designed from scratch are to be experienced and cannot be explained. Converting your van into a campervan can be done on a shoestring budget or you can overboard and make it truly magnificent and luxurious; the choice is yours. But there are some basics that need to be taken care of irrespective of what you choose.

To begin with, remembering that you will be traveling in the van for a few months or at least a few weeks, hence it must be functional and comfortable.

Rip the van of all its interiors and begin fresh. Give it a thorough cleaning. Decide the areas that your van must have before you proceed further. The very basic that any campervan must have is a place to cook, to sleep, keep trash, space for your pet if you have one, storage and workplace. You must design your camper to accommodate all your needs.

Do not waste space because it is a precious commodity in a campervan. Therefore, have a place for everything – right from your shoes, used clothes, toiletries, grocery, beddings etc. basically invest in space saving storage so that you not only carry all your essentials but also don’t clutter the limited space.

Every van requires power for charging gadgets and running appliances besides lighting at night and cooling during summer. Invest in an inverter or opt for solar panels for your powering your van. An external battery pack will be handy.

For lighting choose LED bulbs as they last longer and use less power. You can also opt for solar-powered lanterns. Don’t forget blackout curtains for your windows because they are necessary not only for maintaining privacy but also for keeping the sun out in summer and the cold out in winter.

The other essentials will include camping chairs, kitchen utensils, storage boxes and drawers for all your Knick Knacks. If you find all this too much trouble you can always consider van leasing.

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