How to Keep Your Car Ready for Emergencies

People who have experienced a broken car in the middle of nowhere can tell spine chilling stories of getting stranded. It doesn’t take much to halt your journey; heavy rainfall, fuel leak, punctured tire or so much even an overheating engine is all it takes. Disaster can strike anywhere, and often. So before setting off for the skiing vacation you have been dreaming of all year, take a day off to make sure you have these things in your car.

  • Spare wheel: If your car has a spare tire, great. If not, contact the local car dealership and get a properly inflated spare tire, with jack and a wheel wrench for quick fixing. Because punctures are the most common cases of halt.
  • Tool kit:For fixing small defects and issues {22 Pieces + Bag} Ratcheting Wrench Set Ratchet Wrenches – Chrome Vanadium Steel With Tool Roll – SAE & Metric Combination Ended Standard Kit – Open End MM & Inch Gear With Large Size Organizer Pouch is a must have for your arsenal.
  • First aid kit: you should have at least one fast aid kit containing antiseptic liquid, band aids, bandages, aspirin, painkillers, fever medications, gauge, hydrocortisone, scissors, gloves and cotton. Feel free to upgrade with anything else you think is necessary.
  • Reflective triangles and vest: In case you must make an emergency stop in the middle of the road, putting reflective triangles at the front at back of your car will ensure oncoming traffic can spot you from miles ahead. Same goes for the vest if you must walk to get help.
  • Food:Store in enough nonperishable and high energy snacks and foods such as nuts, hard candy, dried fruits etc. to last at least a couple of days. Store at least a few gallons of water too if you are making a long trip through uninhabited places.
  • Ice kit: If you belong to countries like Canada, packing an ice kit is a must. Washer fluid, snow brush, shovel, warm clothing etc. should be included.

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