The Best Tips For Repaving Your Driveway

The material, as well as the labor costs, add up when you plan to build a driveway. And the job becomes very frustrating when you start to see the cracks reappear. This is a problem when you use asphalt and the problem gets aggravated in the winter months. The homeowners thus sometimes look to repaving the driveway themselves.

You could DIY the task too using the tips below. Also, see for more tips.

Do you want to repair or repave the driveway?

Even if there is a small crack in the driveway, it could damage the foundation. So if you just fill off the crack then the solution is not permanent. However, it is okay to repair them if you are tight on budget and the cracks happen just on the surface and do not affect the foundation. However, repaving the project is essential if the cracks are deep as this could affect the foundation.

Tips to replace the driveway

For repaving the driveway, you will need to dedicate some weeks’ time and use a lot of materials. This includes loose gravel, bare soil and asphalt materials.

You must then remove the old driveway using a pickaxe or a sled and break the asphalt into pieces. Remove the asphalt with a shovel.

When you repave the driveway, first focus on its foundation and this can be done by analyzing the soil and the gravel. Once you have done the adjustments of the gravel leave it for a week so that the material gets enough time to settle down.

After that mix and then pour the asphalt into the driveway and then spread it using a shovel.

It takes time

Repaving the driveway means that you will have to dedicate a lot of time to it. It also needs lots of work and supplies. You can do it yourself but if you feel the need always take professional help.

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