How To Lose Weight Fast And Drop A Dress Size For A Special Event

Have a special event coming up? Going on a trip to Spain with your gang using MOVO MOVO? Want to fit into a dress that’s a size smaller, so that you can look sleeker and fitter? The dress you like is available only in a size smaller? Here are a few tips to help you lose that little extra weight, fast and effectively, in time to wear that dress:

  • Water – Start drinking more water every day. Keep a bottle aside for yourself and measure how much you are drinking and increase it close to double the times at least. This will help you flush out toxins and digest better. Thus leaving you less bloated. Also, when you have a lot of water, you tend to feel less hungry when it is time for a meal. Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger and eat when your body is not ready to digest it.
  • Walk – Walk to everyplace you want to go to. Skip the ride, your car or the taxi when you get home. When you are not running short of time, try your best to walk as much as you can. Walking gives your body the much needed cardio and helps you tone up all over, thus giving you a fitter and sleeker look.
  • Stairs – Take the stairs every time. Do not wait for the elevator. Taking the stairs will help you tone your legs and glutes, making you look much better in a dress.
  • Cycle – When you have to go a distance, opt for a bicycle instead of the train or a cab. Cycling is one of the best and effective exercises to lose weight all over and tone up well.
  • Quick Bites – When you are traveling in a cab, grab something light to eat. It could be an energy bar or a yogurt. This will ensure you don’t go hungry when you reach your destination and will stop you from lunging for any food your eyes spot.

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