8Super Cool Ways To Customize Your Car

If you want to customize your car then here are some great ideas from www.luxtime.su to design the car of your dreams.

Colour of the car

You could choose from the variety of car paints. Go for a single color or mix and match colors. There are also many designer car paints that you could choose from. So let your imagination run wild to customize your car in a cool way.

What is your lifestyle?

Make sure that you choose the interiors of your car based on your lifestyle. Make a list of things that you like doing when in the car so that you get to pick up things that not only ups your style statement but also lets you be happy with the purchases.

Floor mats

The floor mats come in a variety of styles. You can even customize the floor mats. So make sure that you get the perfect floor mat and also that which blends well with your car.

Steering wheel cover

Add a steering wheel cover to your car. This is an awesome thing that should be put in your car. There are a variety of choices to choose from and this can also be customized based on your interest and your personality.


Look for items that are quality purchases. Expensive things show and are a clear reflection of your taste and richness. The wheel cover should also be of a quality that offers a good grip.

Install screens

Install screens in your car where every passenger gets to choose what he wants to see. Make sure that you have a headphone provision so that the passengers do not get disturbed by what others are watching.

Mini fridge

A mini fridge in the car is a great idea. This lets you enjoy nice and cool beverages. It is highly practical to have one if you go on long drives.

Seat covers

Customize the seat covers depending on the aesthetics of your car and your own personal taste.

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