The Best Tips on How to Maintain Your New Car

A new car is always a prized asset!

As an employee at one of the biggest car showrooms in the country, I know how fussy people are in maintaining the new car in the first two or three years. Somehow, after a lapse of such a period, they become lackadaisical either because the novelty wears off or they are already thinking about a newer car!!

But in case you are thinking of carrying on your car for a long run, we recommend that from day one up to even after the novelty and the excitement dies down, you must take good care of your automobile. This way it will not only carry you in the good stead but will also not cost you wads of currencies when you have to distress service it. And what’s more, you will fetch a great price for it in case you are going to sell it at the used car mart!

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  1. Follow maintenance schedule:

Preventive maintenance is the best thing to do. If you do this there will actually be no need for your car to go to the garage. It will give you pointers as to when is the ideal time to change oil or to check the pressure and balance in the tires etc.

A thorough inspection of the car’s interior and exterior is a sine quo non in case you want your new car to look ravishing new until the day you decide to separate it from you!

  1. Changing the air filter regularly:

This is yet another advice I give to every new car owner. Changing the air filter which is placed in the bonnet ensures that your air conditioning works great inside the car and that you do not inhale stale air.

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How to Prevent Your Car From Being Broken Into in 5 Easy Steps

Breaking into cars is something that most people face and become victims too. Unfortunately, there is no foolproof way to avoid this but some precautions can be taken to prevent it.

247Spares lets you know how to protect your car from getting broken into. The majority of cars that are broken into are because these do not have some basic precautions installed. Here are some ways in which the vehicle can be protected to increase its safety.

  • Keep the doors and windows closed. This will make it difficult for the thief to break into your car and snatch Make it a habit that you check that the doors and windows of the car are closed before you leave it in the parking.

  • Never ever leave the car engine on. There could be times when you feel lazy and leave the car running when you are just popping into a store close by. This makes it easy for the thief to break into your car and drive it away.

  • Park in the area that is well lit and where there is traffic. The thieves do not target cars, which are parked in public areas because they fear getting caught.

  • If you have any valuables in your car then ensure that you lock it so that one is not able to see them lying in the car. If there is a car with laptops, cells phones and wallets then the thief is more likely to attack the car.

  • Buy an anti-theft system which is a window alarm or a steering wheel lock that will make the thief work hard to get into your car. The probability of them getting caught is high so the thieves will most likely not target your

Installing these devices do cost you money but it is worth spending on them to keep your car safe.

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