10 Clever Car Accessories That You Need in 2019

In 2019, technology is still going to improve in unimaginable ways.  Hence stop thinking about buying normal accessories which everyone is using.  Buy something unique so that you can show-off more:

  1. Blind spot cameras: Every car certainly has some blind spots. When you set cameras showing the view of these, you can avoid minor accidents to major scratches.  These will help in versatile parking of your car like a professional.
  2. Tire sealers: The nightmare of anyone driving a car are those flat tires. Buy tire sealers and keep them handy.  When you sense something wrong with your tires you can self-fix the issue so that you reach a safer place.
  3. Bluetooth key locator: You can sync it with your android mobile and locate your car key easily.
  4. Charger cum FM transmitter: It is a multi-tasking accessory. You can use it as a charger and an FM transmitter as well.  It has good audio quality.  It does not occupy space.  It saves you from the cost of buying speakers.  Use Couponobox and buy these online to save more money.
  5. Seat organizer: How so ever you arrange things in a car, they get clumsy once again.  How cool it would be to get a seat organizer.  You can hand them on the back side of seats.  So, you can save space.  Keeping liquids becomes easy as these come with separate holders for bottles and cups.
  6. Bot cleaner: Get a bot cleaner which can pick dust as minute as pet hair. Sounds futuristic, isn’t it?
  7. IOT starter: Get an IOT starter. You can keep the car warm before stepping into it.
  8. Stolen vehicle tracking system: This software comes built-in. You can also install it for the best safety for your car.
  9. 360-degree vehicle surveillance system: It will save your car from theft and vandalism.
  10. Car alarm security with smartphone integration: This tech-gadget will alarm you whenever there is an attempt for theft or window breakage.